Monday, August 27, 2007

My Poem titled Soliloquy

At times like this
How difficult it is
for me to appreciate
How wonderful a world this is.
Through my window I can see
The sun shinning bright in a clear blue sky.
I can see the little ones playing
with all the vibrance of happy childhood.
Through my window I can hear the birds singing
In the happy greenery of the woods.
All signs of a happy, beautiful world.
But, alas, I cannot partake,
For I have but strayed
From this darkness that is my heart.

Now as I peek through my blanket of gloom
At the mountains and I see,
Snow white waters from their peak
Flowing down their sides
Soon to be lost in the seas,
I marvel at the extent of my doom
For today, oh cursed day,
I derive no joy from magnificence
Just so much indifference
For things I'd give my food for
Maybe because now there's no food to give
Something to do with this loss
Of so much more than appetite.