Friday, November 23, 2007

Attack on Hip Hop

Every time I hear that statement "Hip Hop is dead" or "Hip Hop is dying" I think once more about the extent to which the white society will go to render the black society useless.

I say this because it is obvious that this is just another attempt at removing from the black population, a job opportunity. Obviously, the black people are the major beneficiaries from hip hop.

Hip hop is under attack ostensibly for publishing foul lyrics. That is what they say but looking back, did this start with hip hop? No. And, will it stop with hip hop? The answer once again is no but that is not the reason for this blog.

The reason for this blog is to emphasise, for the sake of the haters, that music is indestructible and hip hop being music therefore, cannot die. Hip hop can only die when language and communication die and that we all know will be at the end of the world as we know it today.

Having said that, I want to add that there is a part of hip hop that is actually dying or in fact almost dead and that is the x-rated lyric or foul lyric style of hip hop. This is otherwise known as gangster style of hip hop.

This style is dying because it spreads negativity in various forms- be it mysogyny, criminality, pornography or racism. This it does with such blatant and graphic abandon that it becomes anti social.

Music is supposed to entertain while educating about positives and not negatives. It is supposed to teach good morals and therefore be a society builder and not destroyer. What gangster style hip hop artistes do is the opposite of what hip hop as music should be doing.

Hip hop is black music. Black music is gospel music. Gospel music spreads goodnews. Goodnews is about love, hope, kindness and goodwill to all humans. Goodnews strives to make a better society by condemning societal ills and not eulogizing and glorifying them.

Gangster rap is dying and this was exemplified by the hiding 50cent took from Kanye West in their recent album selling war. Who would think that Kanye's album was going to dust 50's album the way it did. That shows that hip hop fans are changing their listening patterns and gravitating the way of clean lyrics. Hip hop fans are saying to the artistes, you don't have to talk about guns and shooting and going to jail to sell albums. These lyrics unfortunately, are lies in nine out of ten cases and yet they are put out there deceiving young impressionable kids who listen.

Hip hop is not dead or dying- far from it, hip hop is simply undergoing a process of self expurgation after which it will emerge stronger, bigger and better to take over its rightful position on the music podium. Top spot. Gangster rappers take note or be left behind with the ashes on the funeral pyre on which hip hop is regenerating. Message is clear, shape up or ship out.

For the haters who wish hip hop dead, find another thing to pour your hate on. Hip hop is eternal. This is what I think, what do you think?