Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thoughts on the Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal.

The clamor has been loud just as it has been consistently coming very fast and furiously. The clamor for New York congressman, Anthony Weiner, to resign his congressional seat in the House of Representatives for tweeting x-rated pictures of himself to multiple women.

If the media is to be believed, Mr. Weiner is now a gold fish and has absolutely no hiding place. This is because his position is compounded by the fact that even members of his own party, the Democratic Party, seem to be the ones leading the charge to get him to resign.

The Democrats' excuse for this abject lack of loyalty to one of their own being that he, Mr. Weiner, has become a distraction from the democratic message and, therefore, a liability they cannot afford especially heading into the 2012 elections.

Now, the Democrats never seem to run out of reasons to capitulate, do they? This spirit is a perfect example of why the Republican Party could control the government even with minorities in both houses of congress, and a Democratic President.  This is the very ugly problem of the Democratic Party rearing its head once again. The spinelessness, the abject fear of anything that looks or feels like it might make them fight, the very debilitating spirit of capitulation.

Sadly, though, the man they want to push out happens to be one of a very few in that party who has shown the will and the guts to fight. He is one of very few Democratic congress people who have shown any willingness to stand up for their constituents, no matter what and no matter whose ox is gored. In other words, Mr Weiner is one of the few real democrats in the Democratic Party and now his colleagues want to deny the people of this stalwart.

This fact might make you understand the urgency of the efforts of the Republican Party to get Rep. Weiner to  resign at all costs. Of course, that party has not been quiet about this as everyone, from their elected representatives in congress, to candidates for the 2012 presidential election primaries, to officials of the RNC have all weighed in with one advice for Mr. Weiner: Resign.

This is despite the fact that the Republican Party has two people in congress today whose own sexual improprieties actually broke the laws of the land who did not resign neither were they called upon to resign by any Republican. And here's poor Anthony Weiner who only sexted and the consensus seems to be for him to resign his seat. That's all well and good except that this consensus has been reached by people who actually have no say in the matter. This consensus has been reached by other politicians which effectively makes it null and void.

I stand fully Rep. Weiner in his resolve not to resign and I strongly implore him to stand firmly on that, never mind what his lily livered fellow Democrats have to say. My stand is predicated on the need for people of Mr. Weiner's convictions and will to defend such convictions in congress and, clearly, his constituents overwhelmingly agree with me on this as a poll taken in his constituency shows that three quarters of the people want him to stay.

Anthony Weiner has proved himself to be a very capable representative who fights hard for the people he represents. I believe, as do his constituents, that his private life and his personal failings in his private life should not determine whether he should stay in office, or not. As he has proved consistently over his time in congress, those failings have not affected his ability to perform the duties for which he was elected.

I believe that only Mr. Weiner's constituents can decide when and whether he leaves his seat, or not, because they are the ones who put him there. Everybody else should, basically, just shut up.