Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who's Afraid of A Black President?

Who is really? How many of us have asked ourselves that pertinent question. If we do, we might discover that even though we don't realize it, we might all have that fear at the back of our minds. Why is John Mcain still running neck and neck to Barack Obama in the polls even when everything points in the direction of a Democratic party landslide.

I listen to pundits on TV trying- very unsuccessfully I might add- to profer reasons for that and I laugh because we all know the reason, we are just too gutless to say it lest we be berated. It is clear that Mcain is a senile old man who cannot even articulate his words and sentences most times. Who doesn't know the difference between countries and interests he professes to understand, and yet people still want to choose him over an inteligent, vibrant young man with all the good ideas and judgement.

Why? You want to say experience? What experience does John Mcain have in decision making? He has never held any executive position. What experience does he have in international affairs? Non. He's never held any cabinet positions and his only contact with the international community has been as part of senate committee jaunts abroad. When you remove the above, his only claim to experience is the five years he spent as prisoner of war in Vietnam. I leave you to decide whether that qualifies him to be president.

If it doesn't, then tell me why he's still in this race to be president, at least according to polls, if not the fact that he's white and Obama black. This is what I think, what do you think?