Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 killed as tornadoes rake Midwest states.

Tornadoes wreck havoc across the United States Midwest.

The Delegate Breakdown From Michigan Primary

The Michigan primary has come and gone with Mitt Romney squeaking out a win but where does that leave him on the delegate count? ABC's news anchors explain and talk about the battle going forward.

James Murdoch Resigns as News International chairman.

  (Reuters) - James Murdoch, the younger son of Rupert, will relinquish his position as executive chairman of News International, its parent company News Corp said on Wednesday. The younger Murdoch will remain deputy chief operating of

What difference does this make in the scheme of things, I wonder?

The Gist From President Obama's Speech To The UAW.

The president covers a lot of ground on his address to the UAW, from stating the obvious about the success of the auto bailout, to poking fun at his Republican opponents who are struggling to find reasons to keep criticizing the bailout. From talking

The president owns his background as a community organizer which Republicans love to belittle and proudly uses it as a CV. The presidency is a continuation of what I was doing as a community organizer which is all about helping people who couldn't help themselves - my words but same thing he said. You can watch for yourself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michigan’s Primary Party Crashers: Will Democrats Cross Over to Thwart Romney?

  Democratic voters who resent Romney’s stance against the auto-industry bailout and prefer to see Obama face Santorum could tip the balance against Mitt in the state, where he and the Pennsylvania ex-senator are now deadlocked. The key

Ohio school gunman arrest caught on camera

The suspect in a school shooting in Ohio is arrested by police after allegedly opening fire in Chardon High's cafeteria, killing one student and wounding four others.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rick Santorum: "I Don't Believe in an America Where the Separation of Church and State is Absolute"

Rick Santorum had an interesting opinion on the separation between church and state during February 26 episode of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He actually said that.

He actually said it.

Afghan protesters hurl grenades at US base

  Demonstrators hurled grenades at a US base in northern Afghanistan, and a gun battle left two Afghans dead and seven NATO troops injured Sunday in the escalating crisis over the burning of Muslim holy books at an American airfield. M

Afghan-US ties hit all-time low over Koran

An explosion of outrage over the burning of the Koran in a US military base has plunged relations between Afghans and their Western allies to an all-time low. Days of violent protests have seen Afghan security forces turn their weapons on US soldiers

Jan Brewer endorses Mitt Romney

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer explains why she is endorsing Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate.

Telling well rehearsed lies, the witch from the west endorses the 1%er. Who else?

Republicans double down on Afghanistan stay.

On CNN's State of The Union with Candy Crowley, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham double down on the Republican talking points about staying in war until democracy is installed.

They will stay forever if left alone. It means more money for the war industrial complex which sponsors them.

Real Estate Lead Management: Discover To Have Leads

      The Net helped many real estate agents change just how they market their products. Right now the same real estate agents are changing the way they approach other issues with the company - particularly, the means of c


A Brand New Series i am working on for 2012, about a great many deal of subjects.. ranging from the hollow earth and fall of atlantis, To ancient knowledge & Grey illuminati bloodline agenda.. Also Incorporating modern world events, knowledge of

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Afghan protests continue over Quran burning

In the four days of protests since the discovery of burnt Qurans at Bagram air base 25 people, including two US soldiers, have died.

Four days later, lives still being lost over burnt Koran. Now includes two US soldiers.

Red Cross in Syria fails to evacuate reporters

  A Red Cross team evacuated 27 people from a besieged neighborhood in the Syrian city of Homs on Friday but apparently failed to get out two wounded Western journalists and the bodies of two others killed by government rockets. The In

Red Cross in Syria fails to evacuate reporters

  A Red Cross team evacuated 27 people from a besieged neighborhood in the Syrian city of Homs on Friday but apparently failed to get out two wounded Western journalists and the bodies of two others killed by government rockets. The In

Friday, February 24, 2012

Romney would raise eligibility age for Medicare

  Four days before critical primary elections, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney outlined a far-reaching plan Friday to gradually delay Americans' eligibility for Medicare as well as Social Security. Romney said the shift,

He doesn't mince words saying it now, save this so you can easily pull it up when he changes color on it like we know he will eventually.

Assad supporters gatecrash Tunis meeting on Syria

As ministers from around the world meet in Tunis to discuss how to end Assad's rule in Syria, protesters attempt to force their way into the event to voice their support for the president.

Is this protest real or a set up like the Koch Bros tea party? Are these people being paid to work against their own self interests or do they know something about the whole situation that we don't know?

Mitt Romney's economic speech falls flat at near-empty stadium

Romney fails to elaborate on his 20% tax cut in awkward speech setting where he let slip another gaffe about his wealth.   Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney's much-heralded economic speech flopped Friday, overshadowed by a gaffe over

Romney's economic speech crashes and burns in half empty Detroit stadium.

Thoughts on Rick Santorum's views on climate change.

GOP presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, believes that climate change is a hoax and offered his reasoning for that belief recently. This video is my reaction to his reasoning and his beliefs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP Presidential Candidates Introduce Themselves

This video shows the GOP presidential candidates introducing themselves during the Arizona CNN debate. Listen closely to what they have to say and you'll see that each man aptly describes himself. Congressman Paul confirms himself to be the mad ideal

Nato General apologises profusely for alleged Koran desecrations

The commander of the international coalition in Afghanistan, General John Allen, promises a full investigation into reports that Nato personnel mishandled Islamic religious texts.

Occupy Wall Street’ announces convention in Philadelphia for July

  “Occupy Wall Street” protesters will continue their evolution as a movement this summer, announcing through its working group a “general assembly” convention in Philadelphia for early July. According the Associated Press, the

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story

  Icelanders who pelted parliament with rocks in 2009 demanding their leaders and bankers answer for the country’s economic and financial collapse are reaping the benefits of their anger. Since the end of 2008, the island’s banks h

Is this the model for the rest of the world to follow?

Obama's corporate tax plan explained

CNN's Christine Romans explains what's in President Obama's corporate tax plan.

Syria: War Reporter Marie Colvin and Photographer RĂ©mi Ochlik Are Killed

  A celebrated American-born war reporter and a young French photographer were killed on Wednesday morning when Syrian forces bombed a makeshift media center in the besieged city ofHoms. The tragedy shook the disparate community of confli

Monday, February 20, 2012

How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street

  In an article titled “Still No End to ‘Too Big to Fail,’” William Greider wrote in The Nation on February 15th: Financial market cynics have assumed all along that Dodd-Frank did not end "too big to fail" but instead create

Time for U.S. to arm Syrian rebels?

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks to Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain about the possibility of arming Syrian rebels. The two senators certainly think America should arm the rebels as soon as yesterday.

Republicans are gong ho about arming Syrian rebels now but will they still feel this way if Obama buys this idea and carries it out?

Journalists get tour of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan

Nuclear workers are making painstaking progress at Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant more than 11 months after last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bill Moyers Essay: Newt's Obsession with Saul Alinsky

Bill Moyers explains what we need to know about community activist Saul Alinsky, and why New Gingrich might be so afraid of him.

Who, really, is Saul Alinsky? Watch this video and discover why Newt Gingrich is so afraid of the man.

The Panic Hour: Panic on K street

Supporters of Syria’s Assad demonstrate in Southern Turkey

  Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have held a demonstration in the southern Turkish city of Antakya near the border with Syria. Hundreds of Syrians demonstrated in support of President Assad on Sunday and condemned internati

Syria: Assad's forces tighten grip on Homs

Amateur video purports to show further bombardment of the Syrian city of Homs by government forces intent on flushing out rebel fighters.

'Islam and democracy can co-exist'

Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of freed Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, says the Arab Spring has shown that Islam and democracy can co-exist and propel the opposition into power in Malaysia at elections later this year. this year

Riot police guard Greek assembly as protesters gather

ATHENS  - Riot police shielded Greece's national parliament Sunday as demonstrators gathered to protest againstausterity measures on the eve of talks in Brussels on a 130-billion-euro ($171 billion) bailout needed to avert bankruptcy. Hopes fo

Riot police guard Greek assembly as protesters gather

ATHENS  - Riot police shielded Greece's national parliament Sunday as demonstrators gathered to protest againstausterity measures on the eve of talks in Brussels on a 130-billion-euro ($171 billion) bailout needed to avert bankruptcy. Hopes fo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Concerns over aging nuclear plants

Critics worry about aging U.S. nuclear plants amid what happened in Japan. This mini documentary by CNN's Amber Lyon takes a look at the problems.

Panetta 'Iran will not develop nuclear weapons'

Defence Secy. Panetta tells troops that Iran won't develop nuclear weapons.

C.I.A. Torture Techniques Investigation 24-08-2009

U.S. investigations into C.I.A. torture techniques are underway. Video recorded is BBC2 Newsnight on 24-08-2009. Investigation looks at F.B.I. involvement, U.S. troops trained to withstand torture in case of capture.

Corporations & Elite Hide Wealth in Tax Havens Pt2

Tax evasion by the rich and elite. In 2008, Barack Obama pledged to stop tax loop-holes and admitted that the vast majority of big businesses and firms secretly hid their profits in one location. Even banks can hide toxic debt in a tax haven, and phy

Corporations & Elite Hide Wealth in Tax Havens Pt1

A look at the various tax-free islands and countries where the rich and elite bank their money, business profits and laundered cash. Many of these tax havens still pledge their allegiance to the Queen of England.

Environmental Weapons, Controlling Climate,HAARP, Cloud Seeding for Military Use

Looking at how the climate and environment can be changed by scientific means, particularly for military applications and warfare- such as cloud seeding, controlling or changing climates and the study of H.A.A.R.P, Pentagon exploration of environment

Chinese Mobile Execution Buses & Body Organ Black Market

Sky News journalist uncovers the new Chinese method of executing people onboard mobile execution buses . People taken off the streets are given lethal injections onboard the execution buses . This is being linked to China's black market of body organ

2012 Will Be People vs Government -Gerald Celente Interview Feb 2012

Market trends forecaster and analyst Gerald Celente speaks on the Occupy movement that has spread Worldwide, the ongoing recession/depression and says the year 2012 will see more protests against Government, more pressure on Iran and more U.S wars.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How the 1% Exploits America: Rob Walton, Walmart

Want to see who's using their wealth to exploit the 99%? This series of 1-minute videos reveals the methods of the worst of the 1%. This tells the story of Walmart's Rob Walton.

How the 1% Exploits America: Rupert Murdoch, News Corp

Want to see who's using their wealth to exploit the 99%? This series of 1-minute videos reveals the methods of the worst of the 1%.

Fox News Resumes Perennial Gas Price Charade

As the employment outlook improves, Fox News is advising Republicans to focus on blaming President Obama for rising gasoline prices -- a claim with no relation to economic fact. See here for more:

Fox's latest attack tactic is to lie about gas prices now that the economy has improved. Check this out.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poor America: The Part We Keep Hidden

With one and a half million (1.5 million) American children now homeless, reporter Hilary Andersson meets the school pupils who go hungry in the richest country on Earth. From those living in the storm drains under Las Vegas to the tent cities now sp

Is America really the richest country on earth or just a country of some of the richest people on earth?

Confessions Of A World Banker.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Bush Believes Health Care Is A Right

Who would have guessed one of the twins, Barbara, got the social conscience in the George W. Bush family. Isn't it odd too how the group she's working with is trying to promote health equity in two starkly different countries, Africa and the U.S.? On

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Greek MPs pass austerity plan as country burns.

Greece's parliament has passed a controversial package of austerity measures, demanded by the eurozone and IMF in return for a 130bn-euro ($170bn; £110bn) bailout to avoid default. The vote was carried by 199 votes in favour, with 74 MPs voti

Greeks protest the bitter pill being forced down their throats by bankers.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

This is a must watch video for every American especially people who consider themselves Republicans.

This is a must see video especially if you're a Republican.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In 400+ Days The GOP Has Created 0 And Tried To Kill 7.4 Million Jobs

In the over 400 days since Republicans took control of the House, the GOP hasn’t passed a single job creation bill, but has passed bills that would kill 7.4 million jobs. House Democrats has proposed 31 different bills to create jobs since R

Crisis in Russia

As the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov visits Damascus, Press TV News Analysis discusses the crisis in Syria with Ahmed Shalash (Damascus), Riad Behsoun (Beirut) and Deepak Tripathi (London).

Obama's Weekly Address: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

President Obama urges Congress to extend the payroll tax cut to prevent a tax hike on 160 million hardworking Americans. You need to make your voice heard and help the president get this done.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Contraception Controversy.

These are my thoughts on the ongoing contraception controversy that is currently raging across the country.

An American's thoughts on the contraception controversy.

Thoughts on President Obama's decision to exploit the Citizens United ruling

The president has taken a lot of flak for his decision to ask his followers to donate money to a pro Obama super pac, in effect exploiting the Citizens United ruling. Much of the criticism claim to be because he is a professed opponent of this ruling

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emergency Webcast: The Great Threat We Must Conquer

While the European and American economies are on an accelerating path to collapse, and the escalation of world war persists, all opposition to the instrument of this process has been removed when the Democratic party recently rejected running an

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Karen Handel Resigns From Susan G. Komen Foundation

The woman at the center of the controversy surrounding the defunding of the Planned Parenthood association by the Susan G. Komen Foundation for cancer research has resigned reports msnbc. Susan G Komen's vice president of operations, Karen Handel

Big Government vs Small Government.

  It is interesting how the GOP leaders and their followers always want government, or not want it, depending on how it affects them and their interests. They want no government when it has to do with how they do business. No government

Monday, February 6, 2012

Facebook Dodging Taxes?

The Blues Brothers claimed they were on a mission from God. Mark Zuckerberg, whose $17 billion fortune is about to become even larger thanks to the Facebook initial public offering, insists that his company is on a "social mission." In a lette

Facebook say they're on a social mission therefore shouldn't pay property taxes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goodbye, Middle Class

The American middle class is disappearing, and fast and the problem is that even people on salaries you would have thought made them immune are equally vulnerable as the story below illustrates. Nearly one in two Americans is now living on the

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC

This video shows what Citizens United means by using cartoon characters to dramatize.

Ari Fleischer Secretly Involved in Komen Strategy on Planned Parenthood

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for George W. Bush and prominent right-wing pundit, was secretly involved in the Komen Foundation’s strategy regarding Planned Parenthood. Fleischer personally interviewed candidates for the position of

If you're still not sure about the Republican Party's involvement in the Komen decision, here's your proof.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Jobs News And Republican Response....So Far!

Clearly, Republican leaders have no idea how to react to this morning's jobs news that put unemployment at 8.3%. Usually, these reports are met with prepared and very well coordinated rebuffs dripping with scorn and sarcasm - not this time. The r

Susan G Komen Foundation Restores Support For Planned Parenthood.

  After an uproar that saw supporters rallying around Planned Parenthood after renowned breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure decided to cut breast screening grants to the reproductive health organization. After $400,000 in

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Democrats Who Unleashed Wall Street and Got Away With It

  That Lawrence Summers, a president emeritus of Harvard, is a consummate distorter of fact and logic is not a revelation. That he and Bill Clinton, the president he served as treasury secretary, can still get away with disclaiming respon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Text of H.R. 1489: Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011

    Apr 12, 2011 - Introduced in House. This is the original text of the bill as it was written by its sponsor and submitted to the House for consideration. This is the latest version of the bill currently available on GovTrack.

You can help make the needed change to get our economy back on track by learning about this bill and helping in the fight to get it passed.