Sunday, July 4, 2010

Democrats Resist GOP Efforts To Frame Midterm Elections As Referendum On Obama

I have watched, with a lot of interest, the attempts of the Republican Party, aided by the media, to make the upcoming Senate and House of Representatives elections a referendum on the President of the United States. This they have tried to accomplish by trying to falsely hold the president responsible for the mess the country is in, conveniently forgetting the reason we're in the mess and whose policies or lack of policies brought us to this point.

They have tried to play on the intelligence of the masses, apparently depending on the famed short memories of Americans, to twist, bend and manipulate facts all in a bid to confuse as many people as they can and change the discussion. That's why you hear different far fetched stories about how President Obama is exploding the country's deficits, or how his policies are holding the economy back from progressing.

What those stories fail to tell you is that the real reasons behind the exploding deficits are the two unpaid for wars that the last Republican President, George W. Bush, put the country into. Those two wars have cost the country an upward of $1.6 trillion, so far.  Their stories also conveniently forget to say anything about the unpaid for Tax Cuts that the same Bush gave which, by some estimates, cost the country up to $2.5trillion if you calculate interest.

 Another thing their stories forget to mention is the fact that it is necessary to spend money, lots of money, in order to come out of a recession. They make it appear that the President is being irresponsible and spending money recklessly. Listening to them, you would think that the bail out of certain banks and companies which were considered too big to fail because of the impact their failure would have had on an already weakened economy, was the crime that caused the recession. This despite the fact that it was their policies or lack of policies that caused those institutions to grow so inordinately big that they ultimately became too big to fail.

In fact, listening to them, you would never know that it was actually their party, led by ex President Bush who started the bailouts. You'd never realize that most of them actually voted to get the bailout done. Now it's politically expedient to lie and make complete daylight and shameless about face because the people are too short memoried to remember what happened less than two years ago. This is what they believe which is why they keep repeating the mantra of  "referendum on Obama"

This is not a referendum on any individual or party. What this is, actually, is a referendum on Americans. A referendum on their ability to recognize what's happening around them and what they've learned from the GOP's dishonesty and lies over the years. It's also a referendum on the future of America because a vote for these Republican candidates will fundamentally change the America we know today.

Imagine what the country will look like when you have people like Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell, and others too numerous to put down here, running the show in Washington. Imagine what it will be like to have them continuing the same policies that has brought this country to its knees while bringing in some new ideas like mandating that we get paid with chickens for our services. One of them actually advocated that as a way to solve our health care cost problems. Thank God she was defeated in the primaries.

Imagine what it will be like to re segregate the nation and have some race of people not allowed in certain places. One Republican candidate actually regrets that people were told they couldn't do that. Also imagine what it will be like to have no government at all and have corporations deciding how to run the country because that's the ultimate aim of the Republican party.

Imagine what it will be like to abolish social security, or privatize it and put it into the hands of Wall Streeters. Seeing as they handled the economy with distinction, I guess that would be a great thing to do to ensure a great future for social security. Imagine what it will be like to repeal the health care bill and take us back to the era of dropping people when they get sick and refusing people insurance because of "pre-existing condition".

Imagine what it will be like when women are forced, by law, to carry pregnancies from rapes and incest for nine months and give birth to children from such affairs. Imagine what it will be like when Americans will no longer be allowed to chose and practise any religion of their choice. Imagine what it will be like to live in a police state where the government decides what you do and how you live.

No, this election is not a referendum on any party or individual. It's a referendum on the very sanity of Americans. It's a referendum on whether we still appreciate being a free country or whether we're ready to hand our freedoms over to the state and let the state tell us everything; from who we marry, to who we sleep with, to what religion we practise. It's a referendum on whether we have any brains at all. It's a referendum on whether we've completely lost those values that made this country great.

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