Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Kids Begging For Clothes From Santa!

According to yahoo news, United States Postal Service workers who handle the millions of letters addressed to Santa by America's children say that this year's batch contains more heartbreaking pleas from children for basic necessities.

One 7 year old wrote "This year my moom don't have much money to spend on Christmas gifts so I'm writing to you. It would make us happy if you and your elves would bring us toys and clothes." 

I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading this note from this unknown, to me, 7 year old as I considered how much these things cost that this child's parents, and going by the letters to Santa, many American parents couldn't afford for their children.

I wondered if anybody else is concerned, as much as I am, that children in the country that is considered the richest in the world have become so poor that they have begun to fantasize about clothing, of all things. Not toys, not video games but clothing, a basic necessity.

Things like that are supposed to be coming from the poorest of third world countries and yet here we are, in America, in the twenty first century and our children are going naked, cold and hungry, starting to beg for boots and clothes.

Juxtapose the above story with the fact that, right now, our president and elected congress are squabbling about how best to hand over more than seven hundred borrowed billion dollars to millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires as tax cuts.

Consider that while they are trying to decide whether to hand the billions of dollars over to our richest people kneeling, genuflecting or lying prostrate on the ground, American children, the same American children, on whose heads this massive debts are being compiled, are begging for one of the basic human needs.

This begs the question, what is happening to America the great and is this really the country we want? Is this the direction we want our country to take? I believe that all of us should ask ourselves that question and try to find the most honest answer we can for them. Maybe then we might start to steer ourselves and our country towards a future that might be able to compare to our past.

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