Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Black President Is Forced To Show His Papers!

Every now and again you hear the proud proclamation of how America has become post racial from the press. Anyone who has the audacity to say otherwise is deemed a non entity and looked at with a lot of disdain. If you were a sceptic like me, you would wonder why the rush, hurry and emphasis to make this declaration and force it to stick.

Assuming you are one of the people who have been railroaded into believing this crap by the media and people selling it, I'm sure the events of yesterday, the 27th of April, 2011 has disabused your mind of the fallacy. I'm certain the event of a president of the United States of America who happens to be black being forced to show his papers (birth certificate) in order to prove to his (forever) white masters that he is, indeed, an American citizen has completely woken you up from the dream you've been in.

It was a sad day for this country yesterday, not because of this singular event, but because of the damage to the reputation of this country in the eyes of so many people both here and around the world. Here at home, you can imagine how every black person in America is feeling after seeing concrete and first hand evidence that nothing, absolutely nothing can free a black man in this country - not even achieving the topmost office in the land.

And from around the world, you can imagine the views peoples of America will have of this country especially given our penchant for junketing around the world preaching freedom. The concensus that was just proved right by this event is that if America can treat someone who is their president in this manner just because of his racial background, it means that the slaves are not yet free making it a mockery of freedom for a country like America to be moving around advocating freedom to other people.

On hearing the news yesterday, I was going to say shame on the Republicans and their leadership for resorting to this lowest of lows in race baiting. I seriously thought about saying shame on them until I realized, on further thought, that that would have been an exercise in futility because these people haven't the ability to feel shame. They have clearly lost that ability which makes us human beings which explains why they can act the way they do; like animals.

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  1. Hi!
    I don't think it is a race issue. It has to do with the law that only an person born in america (and not naturalized or to american parents) can be president. Since there were such issues about it, I don't understand why it took him so long to produce his birth certificate. It would probably be the same thing if it would have been someone else who was white with a mysterious background.
    I actually think it is very progressive that the US has a black president. America is the first "western" country that has a black leader. Now all America has to do is elect a woman and then they will be better than Europe and Asia whom have had women heads of state.
    (BTW, I am american -born and raised in the US but have been residing outside of america for the last 20 years. I voted in the last election with an oversea ballot)