Saturday, December 1, 2012

That Republican Math And Science Green Card Vote

Ostensibly, in a bid to help solve America’s Math and Science problem, The Republican Party controlled United States House of Representatives has just voted in favor of giving green cards to foreign Math and Science majors studying for post graduate degrees in U.S. universities.
Now, while this may be a possible step in the right direction in trying to solve this country’s Math and Science problem, it also exposes the stupidity and myopia of America’s leadership. I say this because what this move ultimately does, apart from deny many eligible Diversity Visa candidates from Africa and Eastern Europe their chances of emigrating to America, is deny millions of America’s youth jobs that they could have had if the same leaders passing this stop gap measure had been competent enough to do the right thing with our education system.

We are in this position of even having to consider sourcing our Math and Science majors from outside the country because our pre-university education system is a mess, and not because American students are not capable.

The failure falls squarely on the shoulders of our leadership which makes this move more annoying and insulting to the American student, if nothing else. It’s insulting because it presumes that the American student is not intelligent enough to do well in Math and Science but we all know that is not true. We all know that the problem is the rotten education system our inept government has left our students.

Our elected people in congress should be ashamed of themselves for this sort of irresponsible behavior of trying to take advantage of other countries’ education systems instead of making our own system better so as to give our students the opportunity to solve our Math and Science problem. This is a lazy person’s attitude to problem solving that is absolutely unbecoming of the congress of the United States of America and should be roundly condemned by all Americans.

Our congress should be looking for ways to encourage our citizens to solve all our problems and not looking to import ready- made problem solvers from abroad. That is failure. That is not what we expect from leaders of the greatest nation on earth.

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