Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescued.

Today, the twelfth day of the month of October, 2010, at approximately 11:17pm Eastern Time (U.S.&Canada), the first of thirty-three Chilean miners who had been trapped underground in a collapsed mine for over two months was rescued. That was a great moment in that country's history marked by a gamut of emotions by  its people, the chief emotion being that of pride, and they had a lot to be proud of.

This moment shows what can be achieved when human beings pull together and act the brother's keeper instead of the new instinct of me, myself and I. The Chilean people rallied around the trapped miners and their families staying steadfastly with them throughout the ordeal making sure that no efforts were spared in the quest to rescue the men.

They made sure that the nation and the world never got any opportunity to move on and turn their back on the trapped men and their ordeal. And the result is that, thankfully, these men, all thirty-three of them, will be re-united with their families and have the opportunity to continues with their lives.

This moment is, indeed, a triumph of the indomitability of the human spirit given that the rescue that occured had to be planned and carried out from the scratch as there had never been a rescue from such a depth before now. The extreme depth of 2,040 feet presented novel challenges that were bravely tackled and surmounted by the Chileans with the help of NASA.

Well done to all the men and women who worked tirelessly, day and night from the first day that the miners were discovered to this last day of the rescue. The whole world salutes your courage, effort and ingenuity in planning and executing this wonderful and first of its kind rescue. And to all peoples around the world, let's all learn a thing or two from this moment of great achievement that everything is possible that we put our mind and effort to doing. Bravo Chile!


  1. I am very happy that this chilly incident has finally come to an end in a happy could have been worse because we have had mining accidents like that in Africa that took lives and rendered families hopeless.
    One pertinent angle i want to draw our attention to is that God has blessed the human race with all it needs to solve problems.They only need to look around and they will find the solution.The downside is that,like you rightly put it,the selfish tendency of the human race.big business has eaten the soul of men that they only see life from monetary angle alone.
    The pace of life is so fast that if issues or event are not kept in the front burner,other current issues will sweep it from the front page.Examples abound:haiti has been forgotten;genocide in Sudan;human rights abuse in the middleeast etc.even new orleans in the USA.
    The human race need to focus as it did with the case of this lucky Chilean miners.if the human race can see beyond big business and profit and tackle global issues from the perspective of common race,then we will have more happy moments like this to celebrate;be it in africa, or in space.

  2. That's extremely well said, Austin. This is really a perfect example of what any human anywhere in the world can achieve when they believe. Who would have thought that "poor" Chile would be the ones to blaze a trail on anything, but they did because they believed and took up the challenge, not allowing big business dictate the most financially reasonable course which would probably have been to simply bury the poor miners in the mine and compensate the families with stipends.