Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rand Paul Supporters / KY Tea Partiers Attack A Female Protester.

I watched this video clip with the utmost horror and it got me wondering what kind of country America is becoming in this twenty first century. It's absolutely shocking that something like this can be happening and nobody is showing commensurate outrage. From all the news media and cable television clips I've seen of reactions to this, it appears everybody has accepted this as normal and that's what makes it even more appalling.

The brutality of this brazen and unprovoked attack on this harmless young woman should be of huge concern to every American, no matter your political persuasion. It never portends well for a society when its citizens can take the laws into their own hands attacking other citizens for doing things that are legal, even if you don't agree with it. In civilized societies, citizens don't attack other citizens even when such other citizens break the law, they let the custodians of the law take care of it, which makes this attack even more heinous.

For people like Rush Limbaugh who defend acts like this, it's easy to do that when you are living in walled off mansions you acquired by corrupting the system through the lies and hate you spew everyday. If you have any decency -and I know that's like hoping for snow during summer - you would consider what you are doing to the poor people who listen to you because they believe you love them and are representing their interests.

Of course, we, you and I, know that you are not. We know that the only thing you love is the millions of dollars you are making. We also know that you are unscrupulous enough not to care how much damage and death you cause to others while making your millions. That, after all, is the stock in trade of "things" like you.

But, this article is not about you and your type. It will never be about you and your type because it's a waste of time to talk about you and your type. No, this article is about the hundreds of millions of decent Americans who are doing things like this in the misguided belief that they love their country and want to make it a better place for themselves, their neighbors, their children and children's children. This is about those among us who have been so wickedly deceived  into abandoning the core value of being our brother's keepers which made this country great.

This is about the hundreds of millions who seem to have imbibed this new, and potentially very destructive value of me, myself and I. This is about the beliefs that have brought us to this place where a FEMALE citizen of the United States of America can be assaulted in this dastardly manner, with impunity and with cameras rolling. This is about citizens having enough disdain for the laws of the land to not care about the implications of committing an act like this in front of cameras. This is about an act that effectively says, " we can do whatever we want and there's nothing anybody can do about it" This is about citizens saying, in concrete terms, "the laws of the land be damned".

Makes me ask, whatever happened to the "you don't hit women" creed? This is not saying that it would have been alright if this victim was a man, but.. Obviously the "you don't hit a woman" creed does not apply to "conservatives" because, left to them, women should be objects to be owned with whom you can do whatever you want - like force to bear your children after you have raped them, or committed incest with them. How else can you read this very public beat down of a defenseless woman by adult males?

Now to what should be done about this issue, many pundits seem either confused or oblivious as to what should be done to the culprits and I find that very baffling. In every news coverage of this issue that I've seen, the consensus verdict seems to be "I don't know what can happen". Well, let me bring everybody back down to the basics which is to state the simple fact that America has laws to deal with situations like this, unless what they're trying to say is that the law does not affect certain people.

While I know that Rand Paul cannot not be held legally responsible for acts like this from his followers, I also know that nothing stops the perpetrators from facing the full wrath of the law for their actions. This is assault and battery on an individual and we have a distinct law that deals with that, therefore that's a good place to start. Other charges can be added later, according to the physical and mental state of the victim after an attack like this. I have seen kids sentenced to jail terms for doing much less than this adult committed crime and you want to tell me nothing can be done?

For Rand Paul, it's left for the electorate in Kentucky to decide what his fate will be. It's left for them to decide whether the America of beat up, and possibly kill, anyone who opposes your ideas which he obviously proposes is where they want to be or not. He cannot be held accountable by the law but he can certainly be held accountable by the people of Kentucky at the ballots. Will that happen? We will find out, shortly..

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