Friday, January 21, 2011

The Idiocy Of Conservatism In America

Of late, I have begun to be seriously annoyed by the seemingly endless brainlessness of the average American conservative. I have become completely convinced that conservatism has become totally synonymous with stupidity and, before you start to think that I'm being "elitist" - that word - just read on and hear me out. Maybe you will realize, when the facts are tabled before you like I would do with this article, that I'm right, even if you are a conservative.

To begin with, it has always been the aim of every selfish and corrupt ruling class to keep the ruled in the dark so as to be able to go ahead and do whatever they want without being challenged. Throughout history, this has been the case and, as all students of history can attest to, examples abound of societies, both defunct and existing, where this tactic was employed. The ignorance of the people has always been a very welcome state of affairs to bad leaderships around the world also, like all students of history can attest to, such leaderships have always ended in failure.

In today's America, this ignorance doctrine, if I can call it that, has been taken to another level by both the leaders and the led in the conservative end of the divide. This fact is evident to even the most casual observer of our political system and, more particularly, our political rhetoric.  Some of the things these conservative leaders say in order to deceive their followers are downright ridiculous and do not even bear repeating. As a matter of fact, the very idea that anybody can consider making such asinine statements to other human beings is, in itself, enough vindication for this article.

You only need to listen to people like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck  and Sarah Palin, just to name a few, to get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'll just state a very few of their gibberish in order not to bore you or bring you to tears just thinking about how dopey your fellow country men have become.

The most outstanding line of attack of these people is this one about education being a very bad thing, in fact, almost a taboo. Everyday you listen on the airwaves, you must hear one or two of these conservative leaders telling their followers about how bad a thing education is. They call educated people elitists who are not like their followers and who are not to be trusted. They fling the phrases ivy league and Harvard graduate like they are some sort of plague that their followers should run very far away from. They have gone as far as calling for the department of education to be scrapped.

They tell their followers that the president is a foreigner who will take away their freedoms, then they encourage them to stock up on guns and other weapons so that they can fight back. They call that the 2nd amendment remedy and they believe, or represent to their followers, that this amendment gives them the right to own weapons so they can have the power to overthrow a tyrannical government. Not that they can defeat the most powerful military in the world with all its fighter jets and nuclear bombs with pistols and semi-automatic rifles, but don't tell them that because, as conservatives, it will be too much for them to think about.

These same conservatives have been convinced by their leaders that access to affordable healthcare should not be the right of every citizen but a privilege of the rich ones. As a result, they had fought tooth and nail to make sure the affordable health care bill of the Obama administration was not passed into law even though many of them were already enjoying the same thing under medicare and medicaid. It was a funny sight to see people at rallies in protest of socialized medicine carrying placards that read "get your socialist hands off my medicare"

Now, right when you thought it couldn't get more ridiculous, they have found a way to take it to a different level of imbecility. It has become almost Orwellian, if you will excuse me the cliche, but, then, I can't see where that cliche will be more adequate than here. I mean, what can be more animal farm-like than this circus of the ludicrous?

This part is actually what put me up to writing this article and that is this latest news that the right has found the reason for the increased pedestrian deaths on American roads. That reason being Michelle Obama's fight against obesity which, according to their reasoning,  has caused an increase in the number of Americans taking up walking which they believe has brought about this increased pedestrian deaths. If you think that can't be topped, just twelve days after she was shot in the head by a mad man, a right wing blogger is calling for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to be replaced in congress.

I believe that, at some point, these conservatives, even if they're goats, should have to shake themselves awake, or, at the very least, shake themselves so vigorously as to cause the grey matter inside their skulls to move around, hopefully, that can jolt it into starting to work. This is because the half-witted nature of the kinds of talk they're being deceived with is getting to the point where it can be considered insulting, even to goats.


  1. Hello, I found a link to your blog through your twitter profile, we've recently become friends. I figured I'll toss my two cents in here about article about conservatives, coming more from a libertarian perspective.

    The ignorance doctrine as you call it (and I like), is played by both parties and the victims are us election after election. The parties stay in power, they just play off each other. Some people voted for Bush out of fear, some people voted for Obama because they wanted "change". You can blame the politicians who are just actors at the end of the day, or blame the media which are just the mouthpieces for the actors, or the people who believe the script they are given even though deep down they know something is wrong.

    About Limbaugh, Palin etc...I believe they are just cheerleaders trying to do whatever helps the party. Same thing as the chris matthews and keith olbermanns of the world. And the contest of who has said more dumb comments is most likely even. On the subject, I do think it is funny how Beck got a backlash two weeks ago speaking the subject of Caliphate and the leftist organization have stake at whats happening in Egypt and the connection between the two. And now the liberal media including the NY Times is now finally reporting the same thing. Just had to laugh at that.

    On education, I think you maybe misunderstood their point. They are not against education, but the indoctrination that now comes along with it. The Dept of Education has a 30 year record of failure. Why do we put the trust of our children in some bureaucrats and politicians hundreds of miles away from our local schools is beyond me.

    Im not really sure about your point regarding the 2nd amendment. You don't believe in the original purpose of it, or you don't believe that regular arms cant defeat an advanced army?

    Even though I am dead set against the health care bill, because of government intervention the past 40 some odd years have raised the costs, I do agree with you on the hypocrisy of being against that and being for medicade/medicare.

    Hope to have future conversations, take care.


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  3. You did a great job of describing the progressive movement and liberalism.Scott

  4. @ Scott Biddulph, you're a perfect example of the kind of addled brain that conservative leaders take advantage of.

  5. All excellent points, especially the bit about their absurd belief of higher education being taboo. Are they insane? Anyway, it's an excellent post, but nothing since January?! You should definitely post more. Sure there's already a million liberal/anti-conservative bloggers out there, but the world could always use more. :)