Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tax And Spend Democrats vs Borrow And Spend Republicans: Who Is Better?

You can always hear the Republican Party's officials using this "derogatory" phrase, "Tax and spend" every time they wish to describe the Democratic Party. At every point, Democrats are presented as the party of fiscal irresponsibility who's answer to every problem - usually created by the Republicans - is to tax the people and spend. They fling the words, tax and spend, like they were the most contemptuous in the world.  To hear the Republicans tell it, one would think that only the Democratic Party spends money while the Republican Party simply creates money.

That is hardly the case because both political parties spend money when they are in control of government. Running a government entails spending money and lots of it, for that matter, therefore, it's an outright lie and a big deceit for any party to try and represent itself as not spending.

There is one big difference however, where it concerns the two parties and spending. That difference is that while the Democratic Party taxes the citizens in order to raise the money needed to run the government, (which is the right and sensible thing to do) the Republican Party prefers to borrow the money it spends (mostly on its rich sponsors) so that it can point accusing fingers at the Democrats and call them tax raisers.

What they try to hide, with much success.. I might add, is that when you spend borrowed money, you are running up debt while taxing your citizens ensures that you spend within your means and eliminates the risk of indebtedness. Also, it's very easy to over-spend on borrowed money because nobody is feeling the pain of having to bring out the money from their pockets. This is why the Republicans borrowed trillions to fight two unnecessary wars and give extra tax breaks to their rich patrons.

This also brings me to the issue of fiscal responsibility and irresponsibility, and who is being which. Would it be the Republicans who keep borrowing money and running up trillions of dollars in debt, or would it be the Democrats who always try to raise their finances the right way by taxing the citizens and spending within our means? Which is fiscally responsible, taxing and spending or borrowing and spending?

I do understand the natural tendencies of us humans to hate being taxed, or being asked to sacrifice anything but I also know that we cannot eat our cake and have it. If we want a government and the things a government does: things like providing the amenities we need to live as a civilized society; things like provide security; things like provide and maintain the "freedoms" we cherish so much, then we need to spend money. As a result of this, money needs to be raised one way or another and the only ways are either to tax ourselves or to borrow the money.

Question is, which is the better way for our country to raise the necessary funds it needs to run itself? I believe that taxation is the better way and is what is used by every responsible nation in the world. It's only pariah nations who depend on borrowed money thereby mortgaging the future of its citizenry.

The Democratic Party tries to do the fiscally responsible thing with taxation while the Republican Party, despite all of its rants about fiscal responsibility, is the one mortgaging the future of this country by pushing us into record debt levels with their borrowing and spending spree. It's actually better to tax and spend than to borrow and spend therefore, "borrow and spend" should be the derogatory phrase and it belongs to Republicans.  


  1. utter bullcrap. We don't have a big enough tax base to cover the current levels of spending even if we tax every large corporation and everyone that makes over $150k at 100%

    1. are you sure, have you researched this information carefully.

  2. Get your facts straight. Democrats are responsible for passing the most unsustainable pieces of Big Government legislation in American History - Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, TARP, and coming soon to Bankruptcy Court near you, Obamacare.

    In addition, Democrats are solely responsible for facilitating the loose lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which put hundreds of thousands of under-qualified people in homes they couldn't afford, with adjustable rate mortgages, during a housing bubble. Real smart.

    The inevitable wave of foreclosures that lead to the Financial Crisis and ultimately the 2008 Recession, is EXACTLY what Democrats were warned would happen if corrective action wasn't taken. But Oh No! To deny poor people anything makes me an insensitive, corrupt, racist.

    And now, after all the fiscal damage the Democrats have caused to this country throughout history, they, and people like you, have the gall to stand up and point the finger at Republicans?! Did you ever once stop to think that maybe we wouldn't have to borrow so much if Democrats would stop piling on expensive social programs that go against everything the Land of Opportunity is about? If Democrats are so fiscally responsible, why did they just shoot down the most common sense piece of legislation in the history of our government: Cut, Cap and Balance? I'll tell you why because I doubt you can figure it out for yourself. The Democrats squashed it because they know that if such an amendment were ever made to the Constitution, their days of passing unsustainable laws would be over. No more empty promises. No more welfare checks for people perfectly capable of working. No more guaranteed economic satisfaction for the Democratic base.

    Hey, you know what though, I'm not really that worried about it because anything that is unsustainable will inevitably correct itself, and when that happens, the Democratic ideologue will finally get the deluge of reality it so desperately needs. Before I go though, I would like to set the record straight on few other concepts you Democrats repeatedly get wrong over and over again:

    1. Raising taxes does not fix economies! Since government produces nothing, any money it pumps into the economy must first come out of the economy. And because government is such a bad allocator of finances, the money it takes has no chance of going back where it would be most effective.

    2. Have you ever been offered a job from a person poorer than you? I didn't think so. Rich people create jobs, not government. This is because rich people take risks with their money to create and expand businesses so that they can get richer. It's a selfish motivation, but the side effect is gainful employment for everyone else. Government only creates positions that produce nothing of real value and cost job creators money that they could be spending in the economy. Lower taxes on corporations = more jobs. Higher taxes on corporations = less jobs. Simple. Lower corporate taxes in this country than in others = more corporations setting up shop in America instead of overseas. Simple. Why is this so hard for you lefties to comprehend???

    3. Citizens made this country great, not government. Government is the result of some citizens thinking they know what's best for all the other citizens. The smaller and less expensive the government is, the more efficient the capitalist free-market will be. Throughout the entire history of the planet, there has never been a law of the land that has done more for the greatest number of people than a capitalist society operating in a free-market.

    These are facts, not opinions open for debate. If your philosophies are not aligned with these simple truths, then your philosophies are not congruent with what made this country strong, and will make it strong again.

    1. The Facts do not support your position in any way shape or form. To quote "Adlai Stevenson in 1952, Who told the Republican's If you stop telling lies about us we will stop telling the truth about you..Apparently Intelligence does not have a "Trickle Down Effect !!! Facts. are based on the truth not your perception or opinion. Where is the supporting documentation, FOX NEWS ?? "The Truth shall set you Free" Honest Al

    2. have you read the glass-stegall act that was eraticated by 1978. do you know what it did, do you know what happen when it was destroyed. take a look at history if you want to see what happens when there are no controls on the powerful, wealthy elite.

  3. I like how neither of the two commenters addressed the matter of borrowing money. Big companies love to play with debt but they have assets to cover the debt. What is leveraged against the US' debt? Positive US market projections? "Invest in us now and we'll pay you back in growth opportunities." Get real! I feel uneasy when people make it their business to address ones uneasiness with empty promises backed by hopes and projections. If the Republicans are so smart, turn the government into an organization that operates in the black without depending on tax dollars, it can be done. Produce something of value to sell to the world, we certainly have enough people, facilities and equipment.

    Now I agree that you cannot raise taxes during a recession. For one, rich people are obstinate and will punish the poor if they do not get their way - which is sad because poor people create rich people (can't sell a car to a rock, can't build a car with cardboard cutouts of workers to sell to the rocks, etc). Also, it doesn't make much financial sense and the psychological burden is far too great for any person to bear without cracking.

    How to fix it? Just ask, negotiate. Let the tax issue be a choice rather than compulsory and move on from there, maybe offer an incentive of tax free status for a year or something similar if people pay down now. People wheel and deal all of the time. We don't deal to get what we want really, we make deals to keep the momentum moving so we can go onto the next deal, think about it, no , really think about it.

    Is borrowing the way? No. Would a bank lend a private citizen money with no collateral? Of course not, that would be foolish. America needs to sell something off to balance it's budgets - that, I agree with.

    One thing is for certain, if China becomes impatient and demands repayment now (they certainly have the balls and the leverage to do that) they will make the US come out of pocket on their terms, not ours. Kiss your favorite landmarks, space shuttles and nuclear subs goodbye.

  4. Agreed with everything you said. The two above posters are republicant hypocrites that got us into this economic mess in the first place.

  5. I find it very funny when people say rich people create jobs and not government. Makes me wonder whether the rich people came into this world bearing bags of money from their mothers' womb. Because, otherwise, it simply means that they used government help to make the money they have.

    Another thing that is funny is how conservatives talk about government like it's some alien organization come down to earth to ruin it. Who, actually, is government but us?