Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Government vs Small/No Government.

I find it interesting how the GOP leaders and their followers always want government, or not want it, depending on how it affects them and their interests. They want no government when it has to do with how they do business. No government regulation of business practices so they can do whatever they please and steal as much as possible from the people. Of course they control the finances and the economy and, therefore, any attempt to regulate how things are done in that sector is communism.

I think it's funny that they don't remember communism when they need the police, a government agency, to protect them and their wealth. They don't think of communism and socialism when they fly their private jets in the government regulated air space or drive their limousines and ferraris on government maintained roads. Neither do they think socialism when there business or home is on fire and the communist institution called the fire department has to be called in. Also, they don't think of socialism when they line up to enrol in Medicare and medicaid. Or when they send their kids to the communist institution called the public school. Recently, a group that went to Washington to protest big government complained about the inadequacies of the Washington Metro, they wanted the government to improve it.

Government is not too big when the money is spent on the wealthy few, an example being the funding of the stupid wars - to the tune of more than a trillion dollars- because they get to supply the arms for these wars and rebuild the poor destroyed countries making obscene profits in the process. But whenever any money is going to be spent for the good of the poor masses of the nation, like the Health Care Reform bill, then the government risks becoming too big and intrusive.

They seem to forget the very reason why government was instituted in the first place, and that's because human beings are too naturally greedy and selfish to be left to their own machinations if the world will survive as a society. More importantly, they forget that, without government, they will not survive a day with their ill gotten wealth. They wouldn't have acquired that wealth, anyway, because physically stronger people would tear them limb from limb and take everything they have by force. Thanks to government they can acquire and keep their wealth while fighting against the same government at the same time.

Before now, the human greed creed used to be " I before others", now it seems to be I, and I alone. People no longer care what happens to their neighbor as long as they, themselves are okay. This is expected in a capitalist environment without regulations like ours. It is nature. People need to go look at human history from the days of the early men. Maybe then they'll begin to remember why mankind instituted government in the first place.What's going on today is starting to look very much like what went on during the days before the institution of government. It is my hope that looking at history will tell us that this path we're taking is not sustainable, not if the world wants to remain a civil society. This is what I think, what do you think?


  1. What I find most ironic is that the very same people who claim to want a "small" government that doesn't interfere with their god-given right to earn lots of money also want that same government to legislate on where Muslims can set up a new centre or whether women can have abortions.

    Surely telling people that they must, by law, comply to your (religious) wishes is the very definition of an Absolutely Massive Government.

    Great blog (again)

    Bob (aka twitter @inhumanbeing)

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment Bob, It's really disheartening that the poor, uneducated masses of this country are being deceived to vote against their own interests.

    The only thing that these rich people are fighting for when they say small govt is for the opportunity to take the govt out of the hands of the people and into their own hands through the corporations they run.

    They say privatize social security which means get it out of govt hands into ours. Repeal healthcare meaning put it back into our hands and go back to the days of people dying and going bankrupt for lack of health insurance.

    The sad thing is that our fellow countrymen have been so terribly dumbed down that most have lost their reasoning faculties and would follow sheepishly as they're being led to the slaughter house. Very sad.