Friday, May 7, 2010

The New Law In Arizon; Frustration or Xenophobia?

Much has been said about the new anti immigration bill passed by the Arizona house and signed into law by that state's governor. The new law empowers the state police to stop anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant and ask for immigration papers. For all that's been said about it, one thing is certain and that is the fact that it has been a great polarizer. Like most political issues in the country right now, this has, once again, divided  the polity straight down the middle. And like most political issues, both sides' views seem to be set in stone and there appears to be little to no hopes of anybody shifting grounds.

Supporters of the new law say that it's the last resort left to the Arizona government on dealing with the illegal immigration crises faced by the state. They sight the inaction of the federal government on the issue as reason for taking such action. They also point to the fact that illegal immigrants add an unfair load to the burden that citizens and legal immigrants have to bear. They posit, and rightly so, that illegal immigrants and their offspring add an extra burden to the system. They site the educational system, the health care system and the housing system as examples of areas burdened by illegal immigrants.  These illegal immigrants do this without contributing, in any way, towards offsetting these bills. They pay no taxes even though they take jobs that citizens and legal immigrants, who pay the taxes, should have.

For those who oppose the law, it is a giant step backwards that takes the country back to the days when minorities had no rights. They feel that the law legalizes racial profiling by the keepers of the law- The Police. For them, it's looking like the fifties and sixties again. While many of them understand the problems posed by illegal immigration, they also believe that there should be better ways to deal with it without having to take the country to this place where the civil rights of a certain group of people in society is thrown to the dogs.

I can understand the anger and frustration, and with the recession, I can respect the natural feelings that humans resort to when things aren't going as expected. They try to find a scape goat. In this case, the immigrants, both legal and illegal, have become the scape goat. I also understand the xenophobia, another natural human feeling. This is also more pronounced during times of hardship for the same reasons as above.
I do think, however, that the major reason for this latest wave of anti immigrant sentiments is because "some people" are mad because with new immigrants come more and more educated individuals. "These people" feel that these educated immigrants are "corrupting" the populace. This means that they are seeing the population of the dumbos that they depend on, to perpetuate themselves and their rich favoring policies in office, drastically declining. The dumbos are wising up and they don't like it one little bit.

That's why you're beginning to see a law like this one in Arizona that specifically targets new immigrants.This, to me, is nothing more than one more pathetic attempt to whip up xenophobic sentiments for political gains. Arizonians didn't tell their legislature to enact this law. This is what the opposition political party has been trying to do since the Democratic party took over the government. Illegal immigration existed during the Bush presidency so, why wasn't this law enacted then?  It has become their modus operandi to whip up these harmful sentiments and it is clear in all their actions. That's why you'll see crazies, like the one in the notorious YouTube video, advocating taking away immigrants' driving rights by making the English Language a  requirement to drive in America.

This guy-in his infinite wisdom- is attempting to trample on people's rights under the guise of  "it's a safety issue". I wonder how the language one speaks affects their driving skills.  It's funny how stupid people expose their stupidity when they try to act intelligent. I believe that people should tone down rhetoric and outrageous actions like these for the good of the country. There are a lot of crazy people out there who can latch on to stuff like these to cause mayhem and they should not be encouraged with words and actions. Except if that is the intention all along. This is what I think. What do you think?

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