Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wall Street's Victory Lap

For those who didn't understand it yet, I think it's clear now, what I've been saying, that America is in the hands of a crime syndicate. They control everything and even write the laws through the congress they put in place. This makes every crime they commit "legal" and makes it impossible for you and I to hold them responsible. They own everything, including the media, the nation's only source of information, so it's easy for them to brainwash the public. They tell people that any attempt for the govt to assist its citizens, in any form, is socialism but they give themselves tax breaks, atop the billions the steal, and when their businesses run into shaky grounds, they get billions of govt dollars to help them stand. They're so brazen that it's clear they've realized we can't do anything about it. Question is are they right? I think they're wrong. We can start a revolution which is the only thing that can save us. Not the violent type of the olden days but a modern type that will turn the financial tables on them and save us at the same time. It's simple. Let's stop patronizing their banks and turn to small banks and credit unions. You can get more information on how to do this from Clearly we can't trust the govt to do this for us because those we fight run the govt. We'll either save ourselves by ourselves or die. It's decision time.
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