Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GOP Says No To Nuclear Treaty.

The fiscally responsible party that is the Republican Party is once again showing how good they are at saving money for the country. They have identified all the places from which they would cut spending in order to bring the deficit under control. The problem is that all the identified places for their cuts will affect the people who can afford it the least.

Republicans want to cut spending but only on the heads of the poor people. They want to cut social security, cut medicare and medicaid, end unemployment benefits which you and I pay into while we're working, have us work longer hours and retire later. Yet they want to give $700 billion in extra tax cuts to their rich sponsors. They want to keep spending trillions of dollars amassing weapons and fighting wars that benefit only their rich friends because they are the ones who supply the equipment, weapons and logistics and get to pocket most of the war spending.

Now they are holding an international peace treaty hostage because they want to keep producing nuclear weapons. They won't stand for the Nuclear Reduction Treaty because that will cut spending from the wrong pockets. America has more than 5000 nuclear war heads and, yet, they want to keep producing more. I wonder what for? Really, why do we need to cut unemployment benefits, social security, medicare and medicaid, and repeal health care coverage for tens of millions of Americans just to produce more nuclear weapons?

The truth is that this whole world is not big enough for you to explode 5000 nuclear weapons and not kill yourself too, and that's less than the number we have already. So, let's all ask this question of our Republican leaders, if you claim you want to cut spending, why not start from this obvious place?

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