Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senator Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race.

While I don't usually concern myself with anything Sarah Palin, because I think she's an idiot who is not worth my time, I can't help but gloat at this confirmation of my thoughts, about her, by her fellow Alaskans. This is a very bold slap in the face for mama grizzly and food for thought if she's someone who has the thinking ability but we all know she lacks that.

My congratulations go out to Senator Murkowski and my advice to her is to keep doing what she's doing which is why the Alaskan people stayed with her, even when fools tried to take away her seat. Good riddance to bad rubbish is all I have to say about Joe Miller losing that election, and good for Alaskans too for not allowing themselves to be dumbed down to the levels that some others have.

Finally, Alaska has joined the ranks of other wise states like Delaware and Nevada who said no to a fool trying to decide who represents them in the senate. To think that Alaskans did this despite the many odds thrown in their way with the write in candidacy of senator Murkowski and all the challenges it presented shows the emphatic nature of their rejection of Sarah Palin and that, my friends, is music to my senses.

I can't wait for The  Republican Party to make Palin their flag bearer for 2012 presidential elections. Bring it on GOP!

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