Wednesday, November 3, 2010


And, finally, they got their country back! I say congratulations first and then I ask, Now what? I invite everybody that reads this to leave a comment saying what they expect now that America is in the hands of "Real Americans"

As for me, I would expect that the "real Americans" put everything they said they were going to do during campaign in practise. I'd expect that they would privatize, or better still, scrap social security. I'd expect that they would repeal the health care law and take the country back to the days when health insurance companies would drop you when you fall sick for failing to disclose that you had eczema when you signed up. I'd expect that health care law will be repealed so that all those young people hoping to get on, and stay on, their parents' health insurance plans until they are twenty-six will go back to being uninsured.

I would expect that medicare and medicaid will be privatized so that the health of our elderly, who by the way, voted overwhelmingly for the "real Americans", will be at the mercy of, an unregulated, Wall Street do with as they wished. Better still, I would expect that both of those socialist entities be completely cut and scrapped so that these elderly who hate socialism will have the opportunity to take care of themselves, in their old age, the way real capitalists should; alone and without assistance.

Then I would expect that the VA funds be cut or, better still, scrapped so that our veterans who go to fight to defend the country will not have to depend on sponging off of the rest of Americans like they're doing right now. It's complete socialism for them to be doing that therefore, they should be left to fend for themselves and their injuries sustained while protection our "freedoms". That's the capitalist thing to do and that's why we voted for "real Americans"

Furthermore, I'd expect for our "real Americans" to ship more jobs abroad to places like India, China and Indonesia. That's what they said they'd do before they got this overwhelming mandate and I believe that will be wonderful for this new America. That way, we will have cheaper things to buy with the little money we are able to scrounge out. After all, what is capitalism, the love of our lives, if not that we suffer and drudge for everything we get?

Also, I'd expect that the Wall Street reform law be repealed so that the streeters will go back to helping America just the way they were before the financial collapse. Because we appreciated what they were doing so much, we have to give them another opportunity to go back to creating jobs and wealth for us like they were, so competently, doing.
I would expect the repeal of the student and financial reform law so that credit card companies and banks can go back to charging you for everything from the ones you understand to those you don't. Students loans will also go back to what they were when banks made them more costly by simply putting about twenty percent  into their pockets for no other reason than that the law said they could.

Now that "real Americans" have taken over the government, I expect that they'd enact a law that bans all American women from abortion even when they have been raped by their own brothers, or fathers. That was what they campaigned on, and I believe, were voted in to do. I would also expect them to enact a law that bans every other religion that's not Christianity because such other religions are evil. In doing that, I'd expect them to repeal the second amendment so that Christianity will be declared our national religion.

While they're still legislatively hot, I'd expect them to repeal the fourteenth amendment so that Mexicans and other Hispanics can no longer sneak across the border to have "anchor" babies. Plus, so that Muslims from Arab countries can no longer enter America to have "terrorist" babies who will grow up here with the intent of bombing America when they're grown. After they have secured that victory, then they can go ahead and deport every illegal immigrant in America thereby freeing up highly needed vegetable picking and domestic servant jobs for the still jobless real Americans whose jobs have been shipped to Asia.

After they have done all of the above, which will be the first on their agenda, I would expect that they will turn their attention to the Kenyan in the White House and subpoena him to produce his birth certificate in order to prove that he's qualified to be president. When that fails, I'd expect them to start holding inquests into all the anti-American acts that he and his allies had committed since taking office. Anti-American acts like enacting all the afore mentioned laws which had already been repealed.

Only after doing all the above things, with dubious results, can they turn their attention to the thing that has been the most important on their agenda. That is reducing the deficit, and they'd start by giving the "real Americans" about $700 billion in extra tax cuts after what everybody else will get. I'd expect that they will justify that by saying what they've been saying all along which is that those "real Americans" are the people who create jobs. I expect them to try very hard to take our minds away from the fact that the "real Americans" had the same cuts for eight years under Bush and all they created was a recession. I expect that they'll work very hard to convince us that this time will be different.

Finally, I would expect that, by the time they've done all these, it will be 2012 and time for another election. I'd expect that by then, Americans will have realized that it was a mistake handing the government back to Bush era policies because they'll have become completely convinced that the only thing that can come out from a policy like that is what we've already experienced. I'd expect that the party of "real Americans" can no longer hide behind "NO" now that they're in charge and would actually have to put forward their solutions to our problems. I'd expect that, now, all of America, the fakes included, will have the opportunity to see and examine "real America's" solutions to America's problems. And, I expect America to not be impressed by it and to roundly reject it in 2012.


  1. Lauren the LIBERAL (and PROUD of it)November 4, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    Isn't it too bad we have to go through this NONSENSE BEFORE we get back to sanity. Wasn't the EVIDENCE of the last 30 years ENOUGH. Yet we "choose" to screw ourselves EVEN MORE over the next 2 years. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!!! How BAD is it going to have to get BEFORE AMERICA WAKES UP to the fact that these guys have been LYING to them and in doing so ROBBING THEM BLIND!!!!

  2. Republicans, and by extension, the rich have got Americans exactly where they want them; as dumb and illiterate people who have no ability to think for themselves. That fact was displayed in this election where Americans voted against their own interests. It will be a long, hard fight to turn this country around and that will start in the classrooms. Of course, the Republicans know that and that's why one of their major things to do is undo all that Obama did to improve education. Left to them, the education dept should be scrapped. They were shocked in 2008 when Obama was elected which has made them redouble their efforts at killing education. They could not believe there were enough educated people to elect an intelligent person to office. Thanks for reading and commenting Lauren.

  3. Like your summary of the midterms. People have too simplistic a view. They focus on immediate stimuli and let their emotions rule over their heads. It will hurt and the consequences will make them wake up and elect competent leaders again.

  4. I expect this to become a 3rd world country that the supremacy endeavors cultural & religious wars.

  5. Unfortunately, the 2012 "mea culpa" won't work....the American people don't have a very long memory. They will be voting in a Republican president AND more republicans in congress. I fear it will be many years before enough people have reached bottom and regain their brains.

  6. The misconception in politics is as follows, Democrats are for the poor. Republicans are for the rich. Independents are undecided. I tell everyone I come across to vote the issues not their political party affiliations. If we voted the issues their would literraly be people in Washington looking after the best interest of all Americans, not on demographics.

    I love America for I am an American & like every American I wasnt to see our country prosper as a whole. I don't just blame the current administration for our financial burdens for it took years to get here, but I do expect him to show us what he is doing to fix our economic mess.

    I'm tired of empty promises from Washington. I want to see what is being accomplished not what you are going to do, but what are you doing.