Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Republican Party's Crocodile Tears About National Debt.

The chart above is based on data from the Bureau of Public Debt up to September 8, 2008, the last reporting day before this chart was created. The 2008 Fiscal Year ends on September 30th. It seems likely that the National Debt will exceed $600 Billion (!) for the first time ever in fiscal 2008. Not that any of the Press, mostly owned by Republicans and right-wing foreigners, will report it.

I put up this chart from the Bureau of Public Debt for one reason alone. To show that all the Republican Party does when it screams endlessly about being the fiscally conservative party is lip service. The facts are there to be seen by anybody who is willing to do a little research because the media is obviously owned by the people who also own the Republican Party.

Everywhere you turn, all you hear is about how the Republican Party is very worried about our national debt and what increasing it means for our children and children's children. Right now, once more, they are all being very fiscally conservative-erly, making stupid and very useless gestures like pledging to forgo earmarks.That's good except that their track record says otherwise as you can see from the chart above. To prove that, even as they are forgoing earmarks, they are asking that $700 billion be added to the national debt just so their rich friends can be given extra tax cuts. And what does the media who are supposed to be the watchdog do? Absolutely nothing. If anything, they are in connivance with the politicians and only help in publicizing the lies they tell.

All you hear from the media are repetitions of the lies that are being told the people. They have, maybe inadvertently, given authenticity to the lies because citizens take the media to be experts in these issues and tend to believe whatever they see and hear. Therefore, when the media only repeat the words of the politicians without questioning the veracity, they serve as a rubber stamp authenticating those words in the eyes of the people. Just look at the chart above and try to juxtapose what you see with what you know about those two parties and fiscal discipline. Doesn't the media know this?

This is where I have problems with the news media in this country and my biggest grouse is with CNN who claim to be the only straight news organization. Fox news we know is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and MSNBC do their best to tell the truth even though people say they favor the Democratic Party. Assuming that's true, what about CNN who claim to be for true journalism? I have just two questions for them; First, Is the above chart a true reflection of the debt increase according to party? And second, If I'm right why don't you report it? The answer to my first question is yes, unless they want to claim that they don't know which will, not only be ridiculous, but also a big dent on their credibility as a news organization. My second question I will leave for them to answer.

One thing I will say here, though, is that you cannot claim to be a news organization when all you do is report what people say they will do without looking at track records and reporting the gulf between words and deeds. This is because in that gulf lies the news, that gulf between words and deeds is the news and when you don't report that, when all you do is report words, all you're doing is publicizing for the people. America's media has become a publicity outlet for politicians and that makes it impossible for the citizens to make educated decisions as to whom to trust with their votes.

That's exactly what the Republican Party wants, in fact, they have got America and Americans exactly where they want us.

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