Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Offshore Corporate Tax Havens: Why Are They Still Allowed?

What I can't fathom is why the United States goes around the world preaching against corruption when it is the most corrupt nation on earth. And please can we stop saying lobbyists and start calling them what they really are which is bribers. Sadly, what's called corruption in other parts of the world have been legalized in America and, that, if not rectified, will be the death of this country. America used to be a great nation until she fell into the hands of fraudsters who have milked it dry. Unfortunately, many of our citizens are too dumb to realize that the country they used to know and love has been usurped by these criminals.

First they brainwashed the citizens into believing that capitalism means being so greedy as not to care what happens to your neighbor as long as "you think" you're okay. Then they ran amok with mechanisms they'd already put in place and this is the result. It will be an epic battle to try to reclaim this country for the people, one that I'm not very confident can be easily won given the abysmal level of ignorance to reality of the majority of the people. The brainwash is still powerful and working.
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