Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Afghanistan Paradox: When the War's Defenders Make the Case for Why We Should Stay, They End Up Making the Case for Why We Should Go

Why is anybody surprised that this war is still going on or that the GOP will rather America goes bankrupt than end their cash cow? It is obvious that the only reason this war(or any other American war) is being fought is for the financial gain of certain Americans? Arianna mentioned linning the pockets of corrupt Afghan govt officials and forgot about the corrupt Americans who will share America's money with any criminal anywhere in the world so long as they got their own cut.

I read about a contractor who was training the Afghan police on firearms and "forgot" to teach them how to sight the rifle scope. This was discovered by the British who took over after America finally noticed that the Afghans didn't seem to be learning anything after years and millions of dollars wasted. Has anybody heard anything further about any actions taken against that US contractor? I don't think so.

It's clear the wars the U.S. fight are contrived by the same people solely for the purpose of making money. And in doing so, they make mortal enemies for the country thereby putting the rest of us in danger. When you go around the world, killing people while claiming to be spreading democracy, you can only end up like the U.S. with more enemies than friends and when you have such mortal enemies, you can never feel safe. Anyone who believes America is safer from these wars needs mental evaluation.
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