Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Banks Make Desperate Last Ditch Effort to Weaken Wall Street Reform

America's problems started when they elected the illiterate fool called Reagan as president and he made his "famous" quote that government is the problem and not the solution. Being that most of America was illiterate like him, that nonsense actually caught on and is still, unbelievably, being parroted today by the GOP. Because he was able to sell that, the fraudsters saw their opening, jumped into the GOP and took it. Out went every regulation that had been protecting the public and the economy and the result is what we're suffering now. America's problems will continue as long as we keep electing people like that into office.

These people are thieves and thieves will always be thieves therefore, this is where Mr. Obama must put his foot down and see that these regulations are passed. Clearly, it will take more that a couple of years to clear the mess made by the fools and the thieves in the GOP but this will be a concrete step in that direction. There shouldn't be any excuse for failure here.
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