Monday, June 14, 2010

Rhode Island's David Segal's Call for a Constitutional Convention

The answer to our problems is not constitutional change. It is the education of the populace. With the level of ignorance in the society right now, it will be an exercise in futility to change the constitution because the same usurpers will simply usurp whatever version we put in place because they can. Education will take away the fertile ground on which they operate (the people's ignorant minds) and replace it with a very unfavorable atmosphere which is knowledge. If you take a more than cursory look at their actions, you'd discover that they're things that normal sensible humans will strongly object to and stop by all means. Take the supreme court decision on electoral funding, for example. Every right thinking citizen should abhor that, but is that the case? No. Republicans will rather remain slaves for life rather than accept that president Obama is right on anything. Even if there were any of them troubled by that decision, they embraced it the moment the president spoke out against it. That's why I'm especially gonna comment on this statement by the author, "Yet it is impossible for any fair minded soul, whether Democrat or Republican, to look at the current state of American democracy and not believe that something has gone profoundly wrong", and say that it was made on the misplaced premise that there are any fair minded Republicans left. You have to own your mind to be fair minded. These Republicans don't.
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