Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General Discharge

The cowardly "general" has finally found what he's been looking for; a way out of being involved in this war. A good lesson for the president that siding with these people or taking their advice can never result in anything good. I think he should have his rank taken away and be dishonorably discharged for running away from battle. He's a disgrace to real soldiers everywhere.

Having said that, I think what the president should do now is call an end to both of America's stupid and unwinable wars that the last administration selfishly saddled this country with. America's death will come from this quest to "spread democracy around the world" rather than from terrorist attacks.

It's that quest that brings about the attacks that we get and as long as we keep on that quest, the attacks will keep coming and will keep getting worse and worse.

We have no right to impose our way of life on anybody else and it's as a result of our silly egotism that we believe our way of life to be the best. Quite right, a few of these people like our way but the majority will always prefer their natural way of life and that's what we've always found out everywhere we've been on this stupid mission. Take Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan for example. Continuing on this useless mission will surely spell death to us. Probably what these jihadists see when the shout death to America.
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