Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glenn Beck's New Novel About Liberals Staging 9/11 Is a Lot Like a 2005 Novel About Conservatives Staging 9/11

Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are two good examples of how to achieve "The American Dream". Tell the idiots what they want to hear and hee haw all the way to the bank. It works every time, unfortunately, because there'll always be dimwits who will rather have others think for them. Who'll rather die than use the brains they've been given. The good thing is that their numbers have diminished and keep diminishing by the day which is why Sarah Palin can never become President of America, thank God.

People like Beck know this and they're not trying to change that fact because they do reason even though their followers don't. They're just doing this for the money. Anyway, they can make their money however they want but as long as the rest of us realize that one Reagan is enough for the livespan of this country, then we'll be okay.
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