Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David Brooks May Seem Reasonable, but He's With Barton Underneath

These people are liars and they know that, themselves. The lies they tell make no sense at all and they, themselves know it. They know that their positions on most things make them look like the ostrich that would bury its head in the sand rather than face reality. They know all this and, yet continue on the same path, why? Because they understand America and Americans that's why. They understand that most Americans fall in the category of humans who will rather be led to hell than think for themselves. They understand that, even though they tell these bare faced lies, most Americans will always be too mentally lazy to even try to find the truth by themselves.

The proof is that despite all the lies they tell and all the mess they make each time they are in power, the GOP has held power most of the time in America's political history. In more recent history, after Carter came Reagan, after Clinton came Bush jnr. and who knows who will come after Obama. Palin? If you think she can't make it because she's a retard then I believe you've probably forgotten about Reagan and Bush.
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